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  • The Charlotte’s Web Experience

    The Charlotte’s Web Experience

    With the help of an assistant, I’ve recently completed the prop and set design for a current production of Charlotte’s Web set on the Freeman Farm at Old Sturbridge Village. Follow the link for more info, showtimes, and tickets: The Charlotte’s Web Experience at OSV. Here’s a gallery of production stills:

  • Garfunkel


    In February of 2018 I did the production design for a short film called Garfunkel.  I will post a further update when the film is released, but for now, here is a gallery of behind the scenes production stills:

  • Bjorn


    Bjorn (2015) is a short film by Director/Producer Theodore Cormey.  I was the Production Designer on this project.  Bjorn had a sneak preview screening at the 2016 SENE Film Festival at the Columbus Theatre in Providence, Rhode Island. Synopsis: “Bjorn has been with the college sketch comedy show for ages. And every week, at every writers’ […]

  • Strange Harvest

    Strange Harvest

    In 2015, I created a set for Witchworks Films’ short film, Strange Harvest.  The film is “a minimalist foray deep into existential horror, with two actors and a single location.” Strange Harvest played at 17 film festivals in 2017, winning several awards and nominations. Visit Director Stee McMorris’ Patreon for more info on her projects.

  • Valencia


    Valenciamusic video, 2012Artist:  André ObinDirector: Theodore CormeyProduction Design:  Theodore Cormey, Juliet Schneider

  • Arrival


    Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling was a Boston duo comprised of Sophia Cacciola (drums/vocals), and Michael J. Epstein (bass).  The band’s creative inspirations were modeled after the 1960’s British television series, “The Prisoner”.  The “Arrival” music video is a shot by shot re-creation of the TV series intro sequence.  Working with Director, Theodore […]

  • All The Bulbous Accidents

    Featuring the track “Unentranscended“, by Turkish Queen. Based on the poem: All The Bulbous Accidents, by Sarah Pearlstein, 2004 Ingrid cuts onions like they’re from Saturn. They turn into miniature rings, the core bitter Broit mit pitter*, no, she eats onion bits She likes the tang, like alien blood, She broods about her yellowed fingers, […]

  • Winterthru


    Winterthrumusic video, 2010Artist:  Ad Frank & The Fast Easy WomenDirector: Theodore CormeyProduction Design:  Juliet Schneider

  • Autumn Spills

    Autumn Spills

    Autumn Spillsmusic video, 2009Artist: Sarah Rabdau & Self Employed AssassinsDirector: Theodore CormeyProduction Design: Juliet Schneider

  • Ova

    Ova from Juliet Schneider on Vimeo. director:  Juliet Schneidermusic:  Charles Segaltitle drawing: David Rosenstoryboard consultants:  Garabed Setrakian, David Rosenanimation assistants:  Chyle Crossley, Dorian Rose, David Rodal, David Rosen, Garabed Setrakian, Terra Friedrichsco-editor: Garabed Setrakian The story for Ova comes from a childhood experience of mine, attempting to incubate a wild bird egg.  Like a lot […]