Pony Trouble


Pony Trouble
feature film, 2005
directed by: Warren Lynch
executive producer: Scott Matalon
producer/production designer: Juliet Schneider
distributed by: Brain Damage Films

The DVD cover shown here is the original Metropolitan Pictures version.


A recent video review of Pony Trouble

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A Few Production Stills:

Shot of actual building used as Megatoy HQ

My trusty Art Dept. assistant, Chyle Crossley, forming plaster walls for HQ model destined to be blown up.

Here’s the model in a different location and much farther along.

Here’s Chyle adding some details.

The nearly finished model.

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2 responses to “Pony Trouble”

  1. This was clearly a “production design” film, and I defy anyone to go back in time and make it as ‘ponylike’ as Juliet did.

    Oh and the director is handsome!

  2. Holy crap, i love the pics showing the model construction! damn cool. I’ve showed this movie to eight audiences now, and it’s fun every time. nice work.