Kaleidoscope Cabaret

Kaleidoscope Cabaret
variety/cabaret show
February 23, 2003


The Middle East, Cambridge, MA

Broadcast live on CCTV, SCAT

Co-Producer, Emcee: Garabed Setrakian
Co-Producer, Set/Prop Design: Juliet Schneider

Brother Blue with Ricardo Frota

The Kaleidoscope Cabaret was a showcase of Boston area performers, broadcast live on February 23rd, 2003, via an I-Net (Institutional Network) cable connection running from The Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub to Cambridge Community Television (CCTV), and then on to Somerville Community Access Television (SCAT).  A dedicated group of staff, members, and volunteers from CCTV ran the 3 camera live shoot.  The audio and video quality are not the best, due to some good old analog technical difficulties encountered during the broadcast.