All The Bulbous Accidents

Featuring the track “Unentranscended“, by Turkish Queen. Based on the poem: All The Bulbous Accidents, by Sarah Pearlstein, 2004 Ingrid cuts onions like they’re from Saturn. They turn into miniature rings, the core bitter Broit mit pitter*, no, she eats onion bits She likes the tang, like alien blood, She broods about her yellowed fingers, She is the flower of a pest of a sun; It persists in shining into The basement revealing sleep, A dreamer’s nest. Sleep is not dark, it is nothing like the wounded moon Either, it is Technicolor wonders about Travel and Blue glass natural vases, Held with green rope, swaying slowly On the White terra cotta node of an Obtrusive wall, So delicate next to it, African violets growing slowly Within the cobalt bowl, Or it is the nutrient sprinkled white earth in that same bowl making The flower grow, And smells like all It will grow, Terrifying poor Ingrid With all its’ useful ways. She fears being planted, Due to the bulbous accidents Which are grown So many layers down.   *Bread with butter.


3 responses to “All The Bulbous Accidents”

  1. Wow! Juliet you are so talented! I love Sarah’s poetry and you have really brought it to life in a new and special way!

    Thank you…!


  2. This is smooth and I enjoyed the experience of the piece. I would like to see more exploration in this kind of expressive media. Thanks for sending a note to me about it!