Sacrilege music video, 2007 Artist:  Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys Director: Theodore Cormey Art Department: Empire Snafu, Juliet Schneider


Ova from Juliet Schneider on Vimeo. director:  Juliet Schneider music:  Charles Segal title drawing: David Rosen storyboard consultants:  Garabed Setrakian, David Rosen animation assistants:  Chyle Crossley, Dorian Rose, David Rodal, David Rosen, Garabed Setrakian, Terra Friedrichs co-editor: Garabed Setrakian The story for Ova comes from a childhood experience of mine, attempting to incubate a wild… Continue reading Ova

Jack o Lantern

Jack O’Lantern music video, 2006 artist:  Brian King director:  Terra Friedrichs set design:  Juliet Schneider Charlie:  Naomi Bennett Jack: Jodi Sandler and Brent Walton

Kaleidoscope Cabaret

Kaleidoscope Cabaret variety/cabaret show February 23, 2003 The Middle East, Cambridge, MA Broadcast live on CCTV, SCAT Co-Producer, Emcee: Garabed Setrakian Co-Producer, Set/Prop Design: Juliet Schneider Brother Blue with Ricardo Frota The Kaleidoscope Cabaret was a showcase of Boston area performers, broadcast live on February 23rd, 2003, via an I-Net (Institutional Network) cable connection running… Continue reading Kaleidoscope Cabaret


Metropolis interactive performance The Shadowbox Collective April 4,  2002 This performance was one in a series of experimental interactive theater pieces staged at various restaurants and clubs around Boston by various groupings of artists performing as The Shadowbox Collective, under the lead of Amanda Palmer.  For this performance, the film Metropolis was screened as a… Continue reading Metropolis