Category: PROPS/SETS

  • Autumn Spills

    Autumn Spills

    Autumn Spillsmusic video, 2009Artist: Sarah Rabdau & Self Employed AssassinsDirector: Theodore CormeyProduction Design: Juliet Schneider

  • Sacrilege


    Sacrilegemusic video, 2007Artist:  Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken ToysDirector: Theodore CormeyArt Department: Empire Snafu, Juliet Schneider Visit the Army of Toys Facebook page

  • Water & Wood

    Water & Wood

    Water & Woodmusic video, 2007Artist: Annette FarringtonDirector: Theodore CormeySet Design:  Debra ReichProp & Costume Design: Juliet Schneider

  • Jack o Lantern

    Jack o Lantern

    Jack O’Lanternmusic video, 2006artist:  Brian Kingdirector:  Terra Friedrichsset design:  Juliet SchneiderCharlie:  Naomi BennettJack: Jodi Sandler and Brent Walton

  • Pony Trouble

      Pony Trouble feature film, 2005 directed by: Warren Lynch executive producer: Scott Matalon producer/production designer: Juliet Schneider distributed by: Brain Damage Films

  • Kaleidoscope Cabaret

    Kaleidoscope Cabaret variety/cabaret show February 23, 2003 The Middle East, Cambridge, MA Broadcast live on CCTV, SCAT Co-Producer, Emcee: Garabed Setrakian Co-Producer, Set/Prop Design: Juliet Schneider Brother Blue with Ricardo Frota The Kaleidoscope Cabaret was a showcase of Boston area performers, broadcast live on February 23rd, 2003, via an I-Net (Institutional Network) cable connection running […]