Hotel Blanc

Hotel Blanc
stage production
February 6, 10, 13,  2002
directed by:
Amanda Palmer

written by: the ensemble

Zachary Katz……….Isaac Kaufmann
Marisa Cravens……….Magda Weiss
Claire Elizabeth Davies……….Eva Weiss
Matthew Wood……….Will Weiss
Terrence Salmond……….Soldier/Pizzaman

Tech Director/Lighting Designer:  Nicholas Vargelis
Stage Manager:  Terra Friedrichs
Live Sound Tech:  Brian Knoth
Props Mistress:  Cristina Chapman
Tech Assistant:  Cory Woolman
Props/Costume Assistant:  Juliet Schneider
Set Design:  Claire Elizabeth Davies
Projection Operator:  Andrew Anselmo

film crew:
Cinematographer:  Michael Pope
Editing:  Damien Kolodiy, Michael Pope
Film Assistants:  Esteban Hernandez, D. Franklin

Hotel Blanc Staff:
Lisa Gordon, Amanda Schafer, Erika Hutchinson, Julie Geanakakis, Juliet Schneider, Dorian Rose, Andrew Anselmo, Brian Viglione, Aria Boutet, Cory Woolman, Meaghan Hough, Sady Sullivan

About Hotel Blanc

hbsbnotes01These two pages show notes/sketches for the soap salesman display case, and a couple of costume items I made.


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