political fashion performances
July 15, 29, 2004
Designer: David Rosen – Reason8

Public Garden, Boston Common, Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA

Models/Living Statues: Melissa Colin, Dorian Rose, Kara Trott, Ximon, Gwen
Body Paint Artists: David Rosen, Gwen, Juliet Schneider
Photographers: Addam Bomb, Juliet Schneider

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From July 15th



From July 29th

Kaleidoscope Cabaret

Kaleidoscope Cabaret
variety/cabaret show
February 23, 2003


The Middle East, Cambridge, MA

Broadcast live on CCTV, SCAT

Co-Producer, Emcee: Garabed Setrakian
Co-Producer, Set/Prop Design: Juliet Schneider

Brother Blue with Ricardo Frota

The Kaleidoscope Cabaret was a showcase of Boston area performers, broadcast live on February 23rd, 2003, via an I-Net (Institutional Network) cable connection running from The Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub to Cambridge Community Television (CCTV), and then on to Somerville Community Access Television (SCAT).  A dedicated group of staff, members, and volunteers from CCTV ran the 3 camera live shoot.  The audio and video quality are not the best, due to some good old analog technical difficulties encountered during the broadcast.


live performance film screenings
March 20, April 17, May 7,  2002

Directed by Michael Pope,  Neovoxer is a silent film which is often screened with a live experimental orchestra.  Painted models holding extended, slowly shifting poses are often included as a performance component.  I wasn’t involved in making the movie, but I helped out with some flyer graphics, and coordinated/painted models for a few of the screenings.  The screening programs shown below list many of the people involved in making the movie and performance screenings.

Synopsis and main characters


March 20th, 2002 program


April 17th, 2002 program


May 7th, 2002 program





Living Statues from the screenings


interactive performance
The Shadowbox Collective
April 4,  2002

This performance was one in a series of experimental interactive theater pieces staged at various restaurants and clubs around Boston by various groupings of artists performing as The Shadowbox Collective, under the lead of Amanda Palmer.  For this performance, the film Metropolis was screened as a backdrop to our loosely scripted characters interacting with random bar/restaurant patrons.  My character was a Prohibition era, southern California lady, who was interested in becoming an actress, and also in recruiting Prohibtion card signers (whilst secretly sipping from a flask.)


A collage of notes, photos and props from my character performance.


A sketchbook page with character development notes.