This section has examples of previous animations, as well as motion tests and demos.  I work in mostly stop-motion, and 2D, and some motion graphics.  If you are interested in commissioning animation or scale model work, please email through my contact form.

Animation Demo Reel

 Animation Demo Reel from Juliet Schneider on Vimeo. This is a compilation of some of my past work, both […]

Misadventures of a Symbiote

A series of four collaborative animations by Iridium Productions, Empire S.N.A.F.U. Restoration Project, and Setravision.  The series premiered at the 13th […]

All The Bulbous Accidents

All the Bulbous Accidents from Juliet Schneider on Vimeo. title graphics Featuring the track “Unentranscended“, by Turkish Queen. Based on […]


Ova from Juliet Schneider on Vimeo. director:  Juliet Schneider music:  Charles Segal title drawing: David Rosen storyboard consultants:  Garabed Setrakian, […]


Exfoliation,  2004 Exfoliation (2004) from Juliet Schneider on Vimeo. A 2004 remake of a test piece I created in a […]

Too Lewd

Too Lewd,  1998 Too Lewd is a simple motion test for the doll used in the Ova animation.

And So On

And So On,  1997 An experiment in combining more than one type of motion. The first motion is that of […]


  Embrace,  1996 This animation was made by capturing short video segments instead of stills.  It combines live-action movement of […]

Neoscientific Dancer II

Neoscientific Dancer II,  1996 This is one of two animations made with the Red Set.  It was made by capturing […]

Neoscientific Dancer I

Neoscientific Dancer I,  1996 This was made on the Red Set.  It was shot on b&w super8 film.


Globes,  1995 This is my first animation. It was shot on super8 film, and transferred to video.