MFA Thesis Installation

My MFA thesis installation was an exploration of knowledge and growth in three forms – physical, spiritual, and intellectual.  For me, it represented a measurement of my position at the time as a female artist, in relation to these themes.  In the following paragraphs, I will provide a description of the installation and each of […]


Exfoliation,  2004
A remake of a piece I created in a one-day workshop with animator Bill Plympton, at the 2001 Woods Hole Film Festival. The new version has more detailed drawings than the original, and a second sneeze.

Working Hours

Working Hours
performance installation
March 20, 2002
South Station, Boston, MA
Director: Yanni Batteau
Living Statues: Michael Pope, Amanda Palmer, Karin Webb
Music: Copley Chamber Players
Video: Juliet Schneider
Audio: David Rodal