performance video, 2010
Walden Pond State Reservation, Concord, MA
Director: Juliet Schneider
Choreographer/Dancer: Dorian Rose
Music:  Brian King
Assistant Editor:  Erin Gallagher
You can also watch Walden on IMDb.
Walden was first conceived in 2002 and costumed in 2003.  It was shot at Walden Pond mostly during the summers of 2004 and 2005.  It is a transcendentalist illustration of the spirit and […]


Kaleidoscope Cabaret

Kaleidoscope Cabaret
variety/cabaret show
February 23, 2003

The Middle East, Cambridge, MA
Broadcast live on CCTV, SCAT

Co-Producer, Emcee: Garabed Setrakian
Co-Producer, Set/Prop Design: Juliet Schneider

Brother Blue with Ricardo Frota
The Kaleidoscope Cabaret was a showcase of Boston area performers, broadcast live on February 23rd, 2003, via an I-Net (Institutional Network) cable connection running from The Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub […]


Working Hours

Working Hours
performance installation
March 20, 2002
South Station, Boston, MA
Director: Yanni Batteau
Living Statues: Michael Pope, Amanda Palmer, Karin Webb
Music: Copley Chamber Players
Video: Juliet Schneider
Audio: David Rodal